Fairfield Park Lower School


At Fairfield Park Lower School, we value English.


Skilled Readers

At Fairfield Park Lower School, our children are empowered to become enthusiastic and motivated readers who love literature and take enjoyment when reading for pleasure.  They have a confidence to read a wide variety of genres and text types and our lessons incorporate the reading of texts that provoke thought within children.  Our children grow in their ability to decode words in order to be able to read fluently with understanding – these skills are developed through a supportive network and regular reading time with adults and peer readers alike. 

Reading Progression of Skills

Eloquent Speakers

At Fairfield Park we believe in giving children a real reason for purposeful talk in a safe and encouraging environment and children will want to talk, discuss, explore, predict, explain and come to their own conclusions. We teach children, through the art of Speaking and Listening, that their views are appreciated and valued by all their peers and adults. Across the curriculum, adults model enriched vocabulary in the classroom which enables children to practise these skills with others.

Speaking and Listening Progression of Skills

Confident Writers

At Fairfield Park Lower School, we believe that oracy and writing go hand in hand.  We ensure that children are given the opportunity to write from experience, to discuss and dramatise their ideas and to collaborate with others.  We also believe that reading and writing are intrinsically linked and we aim to foster a love of reading, for a range of purposes and for pleasure, from a young age.    

Writing Progression of Skills