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Our Children are the future!

At Fairfield Park Lower School we know that Environmental Awareness is crucial for a sustainable future. With ‘The Environment’ as a curriculum golden thread we ensure that children at our school from Nursery to Year 4 develop their understanding of important environmental issues. Our children explore topical issues such as Ocean conservation, climate change, food waste and more.

“You are never too small to make a difference” – Greta Thunberg

This passion is instilled in our children through our eco-council and exciting project weeks alongside the curriculum. They know that they too can make changes that make a positive impact on our environment. Skills that will last a lifetime.


At Fairfield Park Lower School we have three curriculum golden threads that run throughout our teaching topics: Diversity, The Arts and The Environment.

Through our Environment driver we aim to develop the environmental awareness of our children. We hope to give them the knowledge and confidence to make conscious, positive choices that benefit their environment and community both now and long into their futures.

At Fairfield Park Lower School we have achieved both the Bronze and Silver Eco-Schools awards. We hope to achieve our Green Flag Award. The aim of Eco Schools is to make the children, staff and community of Fairfield Park Lower School aware of the Ten Eco Schools topics.

To help us achieve this award our eco-committee is intended to be the voice of our children and the driving force for changes.

We intend to work with our wider school community where possible to ensure the positive Environmental choices we make are not constrained to school but are chosen as a way of life.



Our curriculum will have a ‘golden thread’ of Environment learning opportunities through a variety of topics in each year group at age appropriate levels. For example; In The Woods – Nursery, Under the Sea - How can we save them? – Reception through to Extreme Earth and Fast Fashion topics in Year 4.

Our Eco-Committee will be well established and meet regularly. They will drive change within the classrooms alongside their class teacher and will reflect regularly with the Environment Subject Leader.

The Eco-Council will also work with Gardening leads within the school to set up space to grow and harvest our own fruits and vegetables as a school.

A dedicated project week for Environment will take place during the year allowing children to be fully immersed in the topic.

The School will take part in national initiative such as ‘walk to school week’ throughout the year.

Celebrate our success and share ideas with families to make sustainable choices or Environmental activity ideas shared in the newsletter.

Classes will develop understanding of recycling correctly.

Community events such as Book Swaps and Uniform Sales to run at points in the year to encourage our community to reuse and recycle where possible.

We will be following the Eco-Schools seven steps to strive towards achieving our Green Flag Award.


  • Children will understand that they can make a positive impact on the environment.
  • Children will be confident to talk about ways they can look after their environment and planet.
  • Children will be aware of environmental issues and feel empowered to make changes.
  • Our Eco-Committee will be confident to listen to the ideas of others and help to make changes.
  • Energy use across the school will be reduced.
  • Recycling will be efficient.
  • Our children will have access to green space to grow and harvest their own fruits and vegetables.
  • Food waste will be reduced.
  • Children will help care for the school grounds.
  • Children will gain an understanding of the needs of animals, their habitats and how to care for them.
  • Our school community will become more mindful to reduce and reuse and hold community events such as Book swaps and 2nd life uniform sales.

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RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival - Our Brilliant Bug Barrel entry!

In July, the KS2 members of our Gardening Committee got to see our exhibit at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival.  The whole committee from Reception to Year 4 had spent months working on our "Castle that cares" bug barrel, designing it, sowing seeds and growing on cuttings of drought tolerant plants.  Our efforts did not go unnoticed! At the weekend, the Hampton Court Special episode of Gardener's World featured our exhibit, with the presenter Adam Frost commenting on our planting!

We also feature in the Fairfield Matters magazine online!  It details the work that went in to the project and how we worked with memebers of the local community too.  

Our committee have enjoyed lots of gardening activities this year and their enthusiasm is inspiring others to have a go too.  We are very proud of our team and look forward to more success next year!