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Timesticks is our fabulous artwork in our school grounds designed and made by Wendy Briggs and the pupils at Fairfield Park School.

Wendy completed workshops with the children and designed leaf patterns to be fused into glass, the children then created their own miniature red poppies.  Local residents were involved in the design process as part of the Local Authority commissioned Public Art; they discussed how poppies could symbolise the passage of time thus the red colour was used in the design.

The Art structure is a sun dial and sits proudly in the school front garden; it shows our commitment to the Arts, Science and Personal Social curriculum.  It also compliments our school awards of 'Artsmark', Primary Science Quality Mark' and Values Based Education.

The National Curriculum Framework aims:

Art and Design - to produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences; using the language or art, craft and design and know and work with artists and designers.

Science Curriculum (sundial) - to observe changes across the four seasons, to observe weather and how day lengths vary and recognise/investigate shadows.

Personal Social Curriculum (engraved on each stem is a Values word) - Values Education is used by all adults and children throughout the school and the community as an integral part of citizenship.
Timesticks Project at Fairfield Park Lower School

Timesticks Detailed Plan