Fairfield Park Lower School

Our Learning Environments & Tours of the School

Our Learning Environments

Facilities and Resources

We benefit from an excellent range of performing arts (music, drama, arts, dance) and physical spaces (inside and outside) promoting ‘The Arts’ and the PE curriculum which are complemented by the impressively high standard of other resources throughout the school.

Our Grounds

Each classroom has an outside area that ensures that the learning process can be kinaesthetic and green fingers can be explored through our gardening boxes. All playgrounds have active spaces, chilling zones - benches and huddle areas and there is a variety of playground equipment for the children to access.  We have a high adult pupil ratio in these areas, all adults are trained to play and promote teamwork, colligative play and model positive socialising relationships.


We have a range of discovery areas for the science curriculum such as bug hotels, bird boxes, a bird watching area with a hazel hurdle screen, insect homes, mini-beast trap doors, a meadow and hedgehog/badger nests: a fantastic quiet sensory area with a summer house of picnic accessories.


We have a range of trim trails and fitness zones in our playground areas including hard and soft play sports pitches for ball games and football.  These all promote an active lifestyle as well as building on gross motor skills, which are needed in the classroom.

Performing Arts 

We have an outside theatre and an ampitheatre where pupils can express themselves and be creative.  Promoting their speaking and listening skills as well as storytelling and having confidence to express their feelings, creative side and teamwork.


We have some allotment spaces on both sites, encouraging children to care for their world around them and sit in these calm spaces showing mindfulness.  There is a thriving gardening committee that meet regularly to make the seasonal changes.

In The School 

We have an art gallery of framed artists work and art, sculptures and models are part of the whole school environment.  Upon a tour around our school look out for our pupils work with Wendy Briggs a local artist "Shadows of the Past", "Welcoming 1st hands" and our outside sculpture "Timesticks": as well as our school logo in mosaics and collage by Gemma Hutton a Bedford artist.

Our considerable investment in high quality teaching and support staff ensures that everyone can learn effectively. Our first-class facilities include a large hall, drama, dance and music studio, learning streets with library, learning bays, a snug, all early years classrooms have large dedicated outside zones. 


ICT is embedded throughout the curriculum with the use of a range of innovative technologies including mobile devices, green screen filming and a range of age appropriate computing programming devices. All classrooms have computer facilities, supplemented by interactive whiteboards or Clevertouches to enhance and stimulate the learning experience.  This is further enhanced in the Learning Street zones - which are large creative spaces that have a range of furniture to promote creative thinking.  There are booths, lobes, small group tables, tables at height, tiered lobes and rugs.

Learning and teaching throughout the school are further supported by our whole-school online learning environment that provides all staff and students with access to a wide range of secure virtual tools and resources including Google Drive and Google Apps for Education.



Tours for Our School for Prospective Parents


Please contact the school office if you would like to arrange a tour of the school, either by telephone; 01462 830000 or alternatively by email; office@fairfieldparklower.uk


 Please also take a look at our EYFS Brochure and Prospective Parent - Early Years Snapshot for more information.

    EYFS Brochure


Prospective Parent Early Years Snapshot