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Stakeholder feedback

Ellen Punter from the English Speaking Union delivered a public speaking workshop with our Year 4 children in February.  The afternoon consisted of a range of practical activities and an opportunity for the children to participate in a lively debate. 

Here is Ellen's feedback:

"Good morning Clare and Harriet, I hope all is well.

I would like to say thank you to both of you for welcoming me into your school to deliver the ESU Junior Public Speaking (PS) workshop on Tuesday.

It was a pleasure working with such well-mannered, respectful, engaging and responsive children from the two classes. They rose to the challenges put forward during the workshops; took part willingly - using great concentration and patience - with everything that was asked of them.

They worked very effectively in pairs doing the body language and miming activities; in small groups when word storming using the motions’ flow diagram worksheets and as a whole class when they were the audience and the judges.

The teams showcased the ‘mock’ PS competitions very capably, especially given the short amount of time they had to ‘get to grips’ with their roles and what these roles required them to undertake as a newly formed team.

They definitely ‘rose to the occasion’ and I think that once they are able to research your topic for the competition and the motion of the other team - after they give their ideas – those chosen will have more confidence in delivering the content.

If I can support you in any way in your preparations for the competition, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise I am looking forward to seeing you at the competition with the children after the Easter break.

Many thanks also for your surprising gifts – the colourful tulips are so beautiful and I will share the chocs with my family - honestly!!

Kind regards,



Parent feedback



"We are so happy that our child is doing so well at Fairfield Park School, he clearly enjoys it so much, and its such a credit to the teaching staff there that he and his classmates have all found it so easy to fit in, and make friends.

We're constantly impressed and interested by the teaching and learning methods we see in the school and the amazing and observable progress our child has made. Thanks so much to you and your staff for all your wonderful efforts."


"Our child attended rainbow club during lockdown. One of the teachers, we don’t know who, brought violins into the class. Our child really enjoyed the session and it struck a chord with her, excuse the pun!
She mentioned playing the violin a few times to us over the following months but became really adamant about playing ultimately asking Father Christmas for one, which was a surprise to us as parents.

Our child unfortunately had to stop lessons at school as she did not like missing parts of her lessons to attend. Luckily she had an external tutor also at this time to help following lockdown whom she has developed a lovely relationship with; this tutor also has a cat which is a bonus!

So coming to the point. Our child was entered and has now passed her ARBSM copper medal in the violin. She really enjoys playing and works hard, her technique is apparently really good and she will be staying the course. In her words ‘strings are my thing’. We now hire a violin - the one she needs to play is a bit expensive to buy!

So thank you Fairfield for the experiences you offer the children; it is always surprising what small things can develop into and the positive impact they have on little minds"

"We thank you for providing such a nice environment for children. The office staff is so welcoming and cheerful , they have always been so patient and friendly even during the covid crisis in handling all the queries. We will surely miss everything about the school."



"My child has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Squirrels nursery.  It's the best way to get him school ready.  His confidence has grown and his listening is improving.....thank you." 

"Squirrels has been the perfect environment for her to flourish.  she made some very good friendships.... Thank you Squirrels team for a great first year at school...."

"My child has loved her time in Squirrels class and has made such good progress... thank you so much for all the teachers hard work."



"We have seen a great improvement in my child's writing skills over the last couple of months.  His enthusiasm to write at home has been lovely to see.  My child takes great pleasure in reading his books to us of an evening and enjoys his word packs.  It has been wonderful to see his progression over this year."

"Thank you for my child's report!  It was wonderful reading about all her accomplishments.  We are so proud of her!  My child has learned so much and had so much fun in Reception.  Thank you for taking care of her and providing such a nourishing and wonderful environment."

"We are extremely pleased with my child's progress during the last academic year.  He has really enjoyed his learning journey in Reception class.  He could only achieve this by feeling safe and secure, surrounded by teaching staff who nuture and care.  My child's confidence has improved no end!  This in turn has improved his speech...hunger to investigate and problem solve and his determination...My child has skipped into school enthusing about what he is going to achieve.  This has been a delight for us, knowing that he loves his learning environment, thank you so much for all the hard work of the team."

Year 1

"What a fantastic report!! ....she loves going to school and always has lots of exciting and interesting news/facts to share with us at the end of the day.  We are really pleased that our child is extending her friendship group as we feel she gains lots of confidence from the support of her friends...thank you for taking such good care of her throughout the year in year 1 class, having such fun has made her eager to start year 2."

"We are so proud of our child and the achievements he has made in year 1, what a fantastic result in his phonic screening!  He absolutely loves going to school which is so lovely to see for us as parents....He has enjoyed all his topics and often asks us to continue his learning at home by asking us questions.  Thank you for engaging him in the learning...."

"It has been wonderful to watch our child grow in confidence throughout year 1.  Due to the wonderful relationships she has with both teachers, it has been lovely to see her become a more self-assured learner.  She talks enthusiastically about all of her learning and has particularly enjoyed the creative parts of the curriculum.  As parents we have also greatly appreciated the time taken by both teachers to pass on little anecdotes, about her day, at the classroom door.  Thank you for nuturing her and providing her with an exciting, fun filled environment."

Year 2

"Thank you for our child's end of year report.  We are thrilled he is doing so well and are extremely proud of him.  He loves school and we are very lucky to have such good teachers and support staff to provide an interesting and engaging curriculum."

"Well what a wonderful report!!  We are both so proud of our child and and how he has progressed over the year both academically and socially.  He loves coming to school and has a real thirst for learning so we are so grateful to his class teacher in particular but to everyone at FPLS for playing their part however big or small, in providing such a positive place to learn..we are so pleased that you have all made the effort to really get to know him.  It's these things that really make the difference in education... thank you."

"Thank you for an informative and helpful report.  Our child has made fantastic progress this year and is well equipped now for the challenges of year 3.  His class teacher has been an excellent teacher and he has loved being in her class.  We are very pleased with his SATs results and hope that he continues to achieve at this very high level."

Year 3

"A wonderful report, we are very proud of all her achievements.  It has been lovely to see her getting the opportunity to attend festivals this year too (netball and gymnastics).  Special thanks to her class teacher for all her guidance and support this year......"

"Thanks for our child's report...He is always given the opportunity to share his passions with the teacher and class..., we have been really impressed with additional learning experiences he has received this academic year, for example 'Sing out' and WOW days.  He has been really inspired by his class teacher..he has been an excellent role model... the topics were fantastic."

"My child has had a wonderful year in year 3 thanks to the fantastic care and inspiring curriculum she experienced.  She has loved all the topics and has wowed us with how motivated she has been to learn more outside of school.  She continues to love learning and this is due to the exciting and challenging lessons that have been carefully planned and taught.  As parents, we have also been very impressed with how her emotional wellbeing has been nurtured whilst in year 3.  She has developed a wonderful relationship with both teacher and support staff based upon respect, trust and an appreciation of the class teachers' sense of humour... She has loved every minute of it.  We couldn't ask or hope for anymore!"

Year 4

"We are very proud how hard our child has worked this year, growing in confidence, allowing her voice and opinions to be clearly heard...taking on the role of the School Councillor, is something that she is very proud of and tried really hard to do her best job.  Her creative, musical and drama skills have also blossomed.  She has participated in the Samuel Whitbread productions, which has helped her confidence...passed her first level in piano...personally would like to thank the class teacher for her care and attention....over this last year.  I know her support has helped her to become more confident and resilient, thank you."

"My child's report was a delight to read and gave us immense pride.  She has had a wonderful schooling at FPLS and we are truly thankful to all those that have taught her and helped her to thrive.  She is capable both academically and in sport and we are pleased that FPLS has developed her talent to such an extent that she now feels well prepared for her next challenge, her next school.  19th July marks a sad day being her last day at such a onderful, vibrant and successful school.  Yet, it is also a definitive moment because it marks the foundation of her schooling and will have a huge influence on the way she embraces the rest of her academic life.  We are grateful for the impact FPLS has had on her."

"It is with a very heavy heart that we write to you as this communication signifies our youngest child leaving FPLS to continue his educational journey at Middle School.  We are extremely sad that we will no longer have a direct association with your school.  We wanted to say thank you, to you and all the staff at Fairfield for providing both of our children with not only an outstanding level of education experience where they have been nurtured, developed, encouraged and challenged every day of their school life for 5 years.  Both children have loved every day of school at Fairfield and we never knew them not to have smile on their face when they were collected at the end of the day.  Fairfield has provided them with so many opportunities over the years...Houses of Parliament..PGL...Airbus.  However, perhaps more impressively and importantly you have provided endless opportunities for our children to develop thier character, personality and moral values... We have never had any reason to question the school's decisions, values or direction.  We have unequivocally trusted the school and staff's professionalism and educational philosophy at all times...As parents we have been astounded at the level of opportunity there is for parental involvement and engagement...Finally, we would like to say thank you for the excellent teaching across all classes, year groups and key stages which has meant our children have made excellent progress academically and given them a knowledge base for future learning.."


"Dear Mrs Stone and the wonderful team that is Fairfield Lower School…

From the teachers and TA’s to the lunch staff and reception ladies and so many more. We want to say a huge thank you for everything you have done over the last six years. You have all had an immense impact on our child and we really appreciate the time, effort and dedication you have put into helping her. Keep working together and continue to inspire."



Parent Surveys

Results of the Parent Survey as of December 2021.

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Results of the Parent Survey as of 3rd July 2019.

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Parent Survey from our Curriculum Evening in June 2019.

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