Fairfield Park Lower School

Artist of the Term

We are proud that we are an 'Arts' school, we are passionate about the skills of art and giving children different medias to be creative.  We have an art corridor in our schools that displays art in an exhibition in frames - our school gallery.

Each half term a pupil is selected across the school from Reception to Year 4 on Dickens and Ruskin sites and is presented with the Artist Award.  Their work is hung in a frame.  It is awarded at a whole school Headteachers Assembly, where we celebrate this artist's work and skills together in our school community.  It is hung in the external community lobby on both sites for all visitors to see and then in the art gallery.





June 2018
Matilda has created her amazing butterfly using her super observation skills to see shape and pattern. She copied them carefully and paid great attention to detail. She has re-created the symmetry of her butterfly beautifully.


October 2018
Klayson worked extremely hard to create different houses out of oil pastel. He thought about how different colours complimented each other and how the outline would make them look.


December 2018
Dickens Boulevard: WALT: to mix different shades of the same colour Florence used inspiration from the book ‘Tell me a dragon’to sketch her own dragon. She explored using water colours to mix different shades of green to complete her dragon picture.


December 2018
Ruskin Drive: As part of our Royal Regals topic, we enjoyed the book 'Tell me a Dragon' which is full of beautiful illustrations that have been painted in watercolours. During our art lesson, Q carefully sketched his dragon and then used shades of one colour to add detail. What a fantastic dragon it is!


February 2019
WALT: Mix shades of colour. In our Africa topic, Austin created a fantastic sunset painting. He thought carefully about mixing the appropriate colours and demonstrated changes in the shade of colour. Austin cut out his animal silhouettes to produce a very effective piece of artwork.


WALT: Different London landmarks As part of our topic ‘Fast Train to London’ we have been looking at different landmarks. As part of our art lessons we have been exploring cubism. Children explored creating their own piece of cubism using different pencils, graphite and oil pastels. Maya took her time exploring how to create her own piece of cubism art and has created a great piece of cubism art.


April 2019
WALT- to design a sculpture. The class had looked at a news article about plastics in the ocean- linking to our 'Ice Worlds' topic. Emily and Phoebe designed an Arctic Bird sculpture which will be made out of plastic materials.


April 2019
WALT- to draw a shark Arya drew a shark on a whiteboard before having it copied. She then mixed watercolours to paint her beautiful shark .


June 2019
WALT- Explore Buildings. As part of our navigators topic we explored the works or artists such as Lowry and Constable. Daya was inspired by Lowry and produced a beautiful piece using graphite sticks and sketching pencils.


June 2019
WALT - Explore Aboriginal Art Turtle Class have been looking at Aboriginal art and paintings. Ava used earthly colours to create her artwork of an Australian Turtle.


July 2019
Explore Keith Haring Art Children looked at the bold and simple illustrations and designs of Keith Haring. They thought about different sports and created eye catching designs using felt tips and three or four colours. They simplified the human body, creating thick outlines.

July 2019
Jaelen was asked to design a sculpture of a polar animal using a pencil, he used shading techniques to sketch a penguin chick for his design


Autumn Term 2019
As part of our All About Me topic we asked the children to draw a picture of their family. Dorothy used sketching and coloured pencils to a fabulous picture of her family to include her pets.


Autumn Term 2019
In Seahorse class we have been thinking about autumn colours by recognising them and mixing them. Harrison has used this to inspire his autumn collage of a squirrel where he has used different textured materials to form his picture.