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KS2 1-1 Technology Scheme

At Fairfield Park Lower School, we feel passionately about providing excellent opportunities for pupil’s learning in all aspects of the curriculum. Our desire is for pupils to be digitally fluent, adaptable and confident with technology; we are also ambitious for our pupils and wish to set them up to be ‘secondary school ready’, thus giving them improved chances to access learning and be ahead of other pupils of the same age. As we move to become a Primary School, utilising a 1-1 device daily throughout the KS2 journey with us will enable our pupils to build their IT skills in a supportive class environment and become very proficient users.  Participation in our KS2 1-1 Technology Scheme facilitates children having their own Chromebook to use both in school and at home.

However, it is important to state that the use of Chromebooks will not replace but supplement our existing learning strategies. We will continue to teach, support and strive for the children to achieve high standards in handwriting, presentation of work, reading and using reference books and all other areas of the curriculum.

How will children use their Chromebook?

Children will learn how to navigate around their Chromebook, use Office 365 and the packages such as MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These are transferable skills that will able to be used with other devices, such as laptops too. We also learn to touch type too!

There’s lots more too! We don’t just use the devices for typing up a story or creating a presentation. Here are some of the ways we use the devices across the curriculum:

  •  Computing curriculum – using algorithms for coding, spreadsheets, databases, email and graphs.
  • Research across the curriculum – facts & information, maps / digital mapping, reviewing dance or sporting performance
  •  Photography, film and editing media
  •  Green screen film making
  •  Music – making digital music and reviewing performances
  •  Utilise and engage with school subscriptions / websites: Times Table Rockstars, Spelling Shed, Spelling Frame, Maths Frame, Purple Mash and Espresso.
  •  Facilitating learning through: voting, QR codes
  •  Collaborative responses as a class to the interactive whiteboard / production of work
  •  Presentations, documents, calculations and charts
  •  Child choice when creating open-ended tasks: options to present learning using presentations, videos, drawing etc.


1-1 KS2 Chromebook Scheme - Progression of Knowledge and Skills


Online safety

Having these devices more available in classes will allow and ensure that teaching delivery can really focus on how to stay safe online, lots of practice and e-safety talk at an age appropriate level with peers. Open and transparent dialogues can be held in a safe environment of the classroom. These discussions can be cyclical, repeated and delivered regularly through KS2, allowing pupils to practise these in a safe zone and more in-depth than currently delivered.


Technology delivering the curriculum


Please see links below for more information:


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