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Year Reception



In Reception, we love learning! We value all children for the unique individuals they are and are passionate that they explore their learning in a fun, practical, child centred way.  Starting school is a big step but we believe children will develop their sense of belonging and confidence through the positive relationships that we build with them.  We support children to develop skills for life such as resilience, perseverance and an acceptance of challenge within the nurturing environment of the classroom. We look forward to creating positive, long lasting memories with your children that they will carry with them through their entire learning journey.


Outside Areas

All classes have outside areas where children can experience the same learning opportunities as inside and where they can take risks and explore. We encourage children to initiate their learning through their own interests and we support and extend them within this.

Daily Routine


Ruskin Drive:

The school day starts at 8:45. The children enter through the gate into the Reception garden. This is the first gate as you enter the school grounds.

Dickens Boulevard:

The school day starts at 8:45. The children enter the school through the double doors located between the two Reception classes.


Our Daily Routine

Fine Motor activities - set up ready for when the children come into school. These are specifically planned to support the children settle into their day and then to further develop their fine motor skills.

Adult Led activity – To develop the children’s Literacy or Maths skills

Snack time – Free fruit and milk supplied by school

Child Initiated Learning – When the children choose what and how they would like to learn, following their own interests and building on their experiences. They are encouraged to apply their current knowledge with staff on hand to take their learning further.

Phonics – Daily session to practise and apply skills already taught and to teach new information and skills.

Lunch – Children can have school dinners, bring their own packed lunch, or order a school packed lunch which they eat in the main hall after which they have time on the school playground.

Dough Disco/Handwriting – Building up fine motor skills and strength and been taught and developing correct letter formation

Relaxation – Mindfulness, calming and reflection

Adult Led activity/ To develop the children’s learning in any of the EYFS areas of development

Child Initiated Learning – See above

PSED/RE/Singing – Circle times, discussions, signing, learning Makaton, stories from different cultures, etc.

Story time – Books are voted for by the children

Home Time –All children will be collected from the classroom doors


Collecting Pupils from School – Safeguarding slips for One off collection / Regular collection




Click on the link below for the Reception curriculum map

Reception Curriculum Map


Phonics, Spelling and Handwriting

We have lots of opportunity to practise phonics both in a timetabled session but also through play in the inside and outside environments.  You can learn more about the phonics by clicking on this link and scrolling to phonics.

By the end of Reception, our aim is that children will be able to spell the words on the Reception Word List independently. 

We also practise the formation of our letters and develop our handwriting.  To do this we need to build our fine and gross motor skills.  You can learn more about handwriting by clicking on:

Handwriting Guide

Handwriting Poster - "How to grip your pencil"

Pencil Skills


PE kits will remain in school and sent home during the holidays.

Although there is no requirement to teach discreet PE in Reception, we go over and above with weekly PE lessons, Daily Mile sessions and opportunities to develop Gross Motor skills through our everyday outdoor provision.

We teach a range of areas including Fundamentals, Dance, Gymnastics and Games.


There is no setting of homework tasks but children can access Purple Mash, Espresso and Oxford reading buddy if they want to carry on their learning at home.

We also value children bringing in work from home to share with the class.

Reading and Library Books

Reading books are grouped into;

  • ‘phonics’ books that match our phonics sequence. Phonics book will match the phase(s) that your child is learning or has learned and enable the child to practise or re-visit previously learnt sounds.
  • ‘real book approach’ scheme books that form of a coloured book band scheme.  ‘Real book approach’ scheme books are appropriately pitched for your child, however some may need adult support to read some of the vocabulary. 

A phonics book should be re-read a number of times as your child will then begin to recognise sounds and words and become increasingly more fluent.

Your child may bring home a phonics book and/or a real-book-approach scheme book. We aim to change our books regularly, at least two times a week.  

When reading with your child, you may find it helpful to ask questions to support their comprehension.  To view these questions please click here . 


10 Things to do before you are 5


There will be times throughout the year for you to share your journey with your class teacher:

Make a new friend Learn to make bread and butter Spot shapes in the clouds Go bug hunting Try a new food
Play in the fallen leaves Sing a new song Learn to zip your coat Splash in the rain Build a den