Fairfield Park Lower School

Accessing Remote Learning for your child

Please contact the Office (office@fairfieldparklower.uk) to inform of us your child’s need to self-isolate. From September 2021, the government’s expectation is that most children will be in school, therefore our remote learning will be provided in response to you letting us know that your child needs to self-isolate.

The class teacher will be informed by the Office and the class teacher will call home to discuss how your child is feeling and the work and expectations. Work will be sent home via the class email address and parents and carers can correspond with the class teacher about the work through this email address.

In the event of an outbreak, the school will post that week’s remote learning plan and resources on under the Remote Learning part of the school website for that year group

If you are waiting for your child’s class teacher to call and your child is well enough, please do not hesitate to utilise the school’s subscription sites (logins are in Reading Records).

Reading: Use your reading book or Oxford Reading Buddy to do this.

Maths: Practise your maths facts using Times Table Rockstars (Y2-Y4), Numbots (Y1) and CBeebies Maths (Rec and Nur)

Wider Curriculum: BBC Bitesize (Y1 – Y4) CBeebies Topics (Rec and Nur)

Logins for Times Table Rockstars and Numbots are in your reading records or remote learning exercise books.


Using your remote learning plan

Remote Learning to be completed: The remote learning plan shares the learning that your child would be completing at this point in the year. Each day has a variety of lessons to ensure you access the whole curriculum while at home. You will find that there may be some slides to read/ share with a grown up or a video to watch. There will also be an activity to complete.

Handing in work for marking and feedback: Where the activity is underlined, you should “hand in” this work via class emails (and/or using Evidence Me for Reception) and this will be marked and a teacher will provide feedback on it. The teacher will reply within 2 working days. 


Suggested ways to "hand in" your work: These are suggestions, but not limited to:

- photographs of practical work that’s taken place

- photographs of work on paper,

- photographs of work in the remote learning exercise books (Rec – Y4) - photographs of any printouts - scan the page (see here for Apple users or alternatively download Microsoft Office Lens app from Google Play or the Apple Store)

- Purple Mash (where appropriate)

- Videos etc


Please be aware, that depending on the circumstances, we endeavour that calls will be made by your child’s class teacher, however this may not always be possible and another staff member may make the call.