90 written in chalk on the playground

To celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday, Fairfield Park joined together for an outdoor party.  Each year group selected a decade from the Queen’s reign;

                  1950’s – Year 4

                  1960’s – Year 1

                  1970’s – Nursery Year

                  1980’s – Reception Year

                  1990’s – Year 2

                  2000’s – Year 3

All children dressed accordingly to their selected era – a tremendous amount of time and effort went into these costumes.

The whole school joined together on the playground surrounded by bunting.  We took it in turns to perform our super decade dances in the middle arena.  Children enjoyed music from Queen, Marc Bolan, Wham and Will Smith.  They experienced jive, twist, men in black and the cha cha slide.  We finished off the performances with a united National Anthem.

Children had a small picnic and danced the afternoon away with music and laughter.  A super time was had by all.  The PTA kindly presented all pupils with a commemorative coin at the end of the day.

Happy Birthday your majesty!