School Council

Our elected School Councillors for this year are:

Year 1 – Heidi and Daria

Year 2 – Jacob and Abigail

Year 3 – Alfred and Lyla

Year 4 – Freya and Maxwell


In our first meeting the children volunteered for the following roles:

Chair and Vice Chair – Lyla and Daria

Treasurer and Vice Treasurer - Freya and Alfred

Secretary + Vice Secretary – Maxwell and Jacob



Alfred and Heidi have been diligently checking the classrooms and awarding Tidy Ted to the best class.


In November we organised a cake sale and non-uniform day for Children in Need which raised £512.95. For this, the children dressed as their heroes in line with the National Campaign – we had a wide range of choices, some of which are shown below.


We also attended the Christmas Fayre, running a Christmas themed ‘hook a duck’ which the children created themselves.