School Council

Our elected School Councillors for this year are:

Year 1 - Ollie , Luke, Lucy
Year 2 - Sophie, Edie
Year 3 - Henry, Kaia
Year 4 - Lucy, Olivia

Recently we have been carrying out inspections of the classrooms and cloakrooms each week and awarding Tidy Ted to the tidiest class. We hold monthly cake sales to raise money for resources in school, thank you parents for your cake donations.

In our first meeting the children volunteered for the following roles and were given their School Council Badges to wear daily:

Chair - Lucy 
Vice Chair - Olivia
Treasurers - Henry, Ollie
Secretaries - Lucy , Sophie
Sports councillors - Kaia, Luke
Eco councillor - Edie
Members of the School Council have also recently assisted with the process for the School Business Manager. They discuss their budget and spending during meetings and there is a dedicated School Council noticeboard in school to raise the profile of the Council and its members and their work throughout the school.