Values education


We have achieved the Values Quality Award.

Thank you to the whole team, pupils, staff, governors and parents who met with the assessor on a recent visit to our school and confirmed that we are a bright, polite, friendly school that highly promotes Values Education through all our school practices. Neil Hawkes, the founder of VbE states that the report “paints a picture of a school that is providing the most wonderful environment for pupils, staff and the wider environment to experience and engage with your deeply meaningful values. It is clear that pupils who pass through your school are developing skills and competences that will help them develop a productive and fulfilling life”.

Please see some of the feedback that was part of the assessment process. The feedback document is available as a PDF download here.

Values poem above written by E King, Seahorse Class, Ruskin Drive.

Please click on the following link to see some examples of values work at Fairfield Park Lower School - Values.

As a Values school, Fairfield Park Lower School actively promotes ‘Values for All’. As part of our Values ethos we fully promote the 4 core British Values of: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance. We want our pupils to be well rounded citizens who celebrate all elements of British culture, have respect for their own rights and those of others, and, above all, celebrate the similarities and differences between members of our diverse community.

Our school values are; Co-operation, Trust, Peace, Friendship, Hope, Love/Kindness, Appreciation/Politeness, Happiness, Patience, Respect, Understanding, Responsibility, Courage, Honesty, Thoughtfulness/Consideration, Caring, Tolerance/Empathy, Simplicity, Freedom, Humility, Quality/Pride and Unity.