Annual report to parents

I am very proud to be head teacher of a successful school with supportive committed dedicated staff who are passionate about the holistic development of every child, caring about their wellbeing and happiness.  We are a values school and I am proud that this shines through all relationships with the pupils and between pupils on a daily basis; this will stand them in good stead to be citizens in the wider community and on their next educational journey.  I am very proud that Fairfield Park celebrates confident children with many different talents; this was very evident in the FPGT (Fairfield Park Got Talent) show and the Year 4 leaver's assembly.  Again this has been a very good year in terms of the children's outcomes and their achievements especially against the new National Curriculum.  Staff have adopted and risen to the new challenges set by the government but as always they have embraced it, run with it and offered a quality curriculum provision.  It has meant that we have been really clear of our philosophy for children and the education and provision that we want to offer linking in all the new expectations for the core subjects.  At the heart of our strategic planning is always 'the child' and their learning experiences, is it stimulating, do the children have ownership, what core (literacy, maths, IT) skills and what life skill (teamwork, collaboration, decision making etc) does it use.  I am pleased to say that our results are still high, year on year, showing that we are moving and evolving and managing change with new staff and new scenarios.  (See results page).  The grounds has been developed really well this year and we have some exciting new additions - an adventure climbing frame, outside theatre area and 2 Sports Apprentices that offer active sessions at all unstructured times of the day.  We have opened and welcomed a 3rd Reception class (Tawny Owls) ready for September 2017 and are looking forward to working with CBC Local Authority and the developers on building another school in the Fairfield Park community.

The complete Annual report is available here.