Hedgehog Class

 Hedgehog class really enjoyed their transition topic on dinosaurs.  They discovered the names of dinosaurs, witnessed one hatch and went hunting for dinosaur bones!  As we moved onto 'Wonderful Weather' the class discovered different equipment that could be used to measure the weathers temperature.  Hedgehog class moved around the school to find the coldest and warmest rooms!  The children also looked at extreme weather and couldn't believe what the weather is like in other countries!

'There's no place like home' brought lots of new questions. Children wanted to know what materials homes are made out of and how homes manage to stay together!  The class wanted to know what sort of homes other people live in so they have compared their home to another around the world.

After Christmas we will be moving onto 'A toy story' where children will be looking at the toys of today and from the past.  We will then collect our tickets and climb aboard the 'Fast train to London'. Children will look at buildings as well as transport.  We will then carry on our travel adventure to Australia and explore 'Outback adventure'.  Hedgehog class will look at Aboriginal art, read Australian stories and find out about the culture.  To round up the year we will end on 'fitting fit'.

The complete Hedgehog class document is available as a PDF to download here.