Hire our facilities

Our full 'Terms and Conditions for Hiring and Letting' document, including fees & charges is available to view and download as a PDF file here.

A precis is presented below.


The Governing Body recognises the role of the school within the community and welcomes the use of the School’s premises for a variety of community and leisure purposes.

However, the overriding aim of the Governing Body is to support the school in providing the best possible education for its pupils, and any lettings of the premises to outside organisations will be considered with this in mind.

The school’s delegated budget (which is provided for the education of its pupils) will not be used to subsidise any lettings by community or commercial organisations. A charge will be levied to meet the additional costs incurred by the school in respect of any lettings of the premises. As a minimum, the actual cost to the school of any use of the premises by an outside organisation must be reimbursed to the school’s budget.

Definition of a Letting

A letting may be defined as “any use of the school premises (buildings and grounds) by either a community group (such as a local music group or football team), or a commercial organisation (such as the local branch of ‘Weight Watchers’)”. A letting must not interfere with the primary activity of the school, which is to provide a high standard of education for all its pupils.

Use of the premises for activities such as staff meetings, Governing Body meetings and extra-curricular activities of pupils supervised by school staff, fall within the corporate life of the school. Costs arising from these uses are therefore a legitimate charge against the school’s delegated budget.

The use of the school premises can be divided into the following categories:

  • Community and Leisure Learning (e.g. adult education/ sports groups)
  • Private (e.g. Parties/meetings)
  • Commercial (e.g. Dance Schools/ Drama School)


1.1 Fairfield Park Lower School is committed to serving the needs not only of its pupils, staff and parents but also those of its neighbouring community. The school values links with the local community and is keen to develop and enhance these links.

1.2 The School will not discriminate on the grounds of sex, disability, religion, ethnicity or age and will give sympathetic consideration to all applications to the School, by any group, association, club or individual. However, the School will need to be satisfied that the proposed use will not create subsequent problems relating to premises, equipment or reputation.

1.3 The fundamental principles that will determine whether to allow a letting are:

The letting must not pose a real or potential threat or hazard to:

  • the security of the School, its fabric and its contents
  • the health and safety of the pupils, staff and visitors to the School
  • the ethos, values and reputation of the School

1.4 The letting must not impede or prevent the staff of the School from discharging their everyday / contractual duties and responsibilities or disadvantage the children of the School.

1.5 Lettings relating to the business of the School e.g. Governing Body / PTA meetings and events must be agreed by the Head teacher.


The Governing Body is responsible for setting charges for the letting of the school premises. A charge will be levied which covers the following:

· Cost of services (heating and lighting);

· Cost of staffing (additional security, caretaking and cleaning) - including “on-costs”;

· Cost of administration;

· Cost of “wear and tear”;

· Cost of use of school equipment (if applicable);

· Profit element (if appropriate).

2.1 Charges will be applied based on scale-fees applicable at the time of booking and are subject to review on 1st April annually.

2.2 Regular bookings: Hirers will be invoiced at the commencement of each half term and required to pay within 14 days of the date of the invoice.

2.3 Ad-hoc bookings: Hirers are required to pay invoices 7 days before the actual booking and no later than the date of the hire.

2.4 In addition to the hire charge, a £30 refundable deposit may be requested in case of additional cleaning or breakage.

2.5 Hirers will be asked to pay against presentation of a written invoice.

2.6 At the discretion of the Head teacher or Governing Body, and in exceptional circumstances, the scale fees may be reviewed or waived.

2.7 The Governing Body will review this Policy and scale fees annually. Hirers will be given a minimum of four weeks notice in the event of changes.

The specific charges levied will be reviewed annually, during the spring term, by the Finance and Premises Committee, for implementation from the beginning of the next financial year, with effect from 1 April of that year. Current charges will be provided in advance of any letting being agreed.


3.1 An “Application and Booking Form” must be completed in writing, in respect of all lettings. The person signing the form will be considered to be the Hirer. Signature constitutes acceptance by the Hirer of these terms and conditions. This form is available from the School Office.

3.2 All lettings must be authorised by the Head teacher and the booking should not be regarded as confirmed until both the Hirer and the School sign the “Application and Booking Form”.

3.3 Regular bookings: Three months in advance, Hirers will be asked to confirm dates for the next period and will be invoiced against these dates at the commencement of each month.

3.4 All applications will be considered on their merits, taking into consideration the suitability of the activity. The Governing Body reserves the right to:

  • refuse applications without giving a reason
  • have a representative present at any function
  • terminate any activity not properly conducted


4.1 Regular bookings: Hirers are required to give:

  • four weeks notice in the event of termination of the contract
  • four weeks notice in the event of cancellation of a specific date or dates.

4.2 Ad-hoc bookings: Hirers cancelling more than one week in advance will not be charged. Cancellations less than 1 week in advance may be charged in full for out of pocket expenditure, at the discretion of the Head teacher.


5.1 Health and Safety

Hirers will nominate one responsible person (usually the person who arranged hire) to be in charge of proceedings. This person must be in possession of a mobile phone in order to initiate and organise any emergency action, including contacting the Site Agent or School Representative, Police and Emergency Services.

All mains powered electrical equipment brought on the premises must be safe and evidence may be required that it has a valid test and inspection certificate (the certificate should be less than 1 year old for earthed equipment). Lower voltage equipment must also be safe and in good condition.

No combustible materials are to be used within the school.

5.2 Supervision

Hirers must ensure they have an adequate number of suitably qualified attendants to supervise proceedings.

5.3 Fire

Fire regulations must be observed at all times :

  • Standing / Chairs only - 300 persons
  • Tables and Chairs - 150 persons

Fire exits must not be blocked or locked, nor should furniture, equipment, or other obstructions be placed in corridors during the hire.

5.4 On arrival, Hirers will check with the Site Agent in order to familiarise themselves with alarm points, equipment and exits and ensure that all Fire Exit doors are unlocked. Corridors and Fire Exits MUST be kept clear at all times. Flammable materials, for example propane, butane and petrol must not be brought onto the school site.

5.5 Care of Premises

Hirers will be responsible for any damages to the premises, fixtures, fittings and displays of work and are required to have appropriate indemnity insurance in place (see 6.0)

All areas must be left as found :

  • tables to be wiped clean and put away
  • chairs put away (stacked on top of each other in 8’s)
  • floors swept clean and spillages spot-mopped (cleaning equipment available on request)
  • refuse disposed of by Hirers

The Hirer must only use that area of the building hired and must observe instructions given by the School concerning the area available.


6.1 Hirers must demonstrate that they already have in place, indemnity insurance with a minimum limit of £10m. This will be arranged at additional cost if Hirers cannot demonstrate that they already have appropriate insurance.

6.2 The Hirer shall indemnify the Local Authority when signing the application form against any claim for bodily injury or loss of damage to property (real or personal) whether belonging to the Local Authority or any other person if the said loss, damage or injury is either caused by the negligence of the user or by the negligence of any other person using the premises hired with the permission of the Hirer

6.3 The effect of 6.2 is that the Hirer will be liable to indemnify the Local Authority for any damage which is caused when the premises are being used for a function for which they are let. However, it is only operative if the damage etc. is caused by the negligence of the user or any other person using the premises with the Hirer’s permission.

6.4 Express approval by the Governing Body is required if alcoholic drinks are to be sold or consumed on the premises. The selling of alcohol requires a licence and must be shown to the school prior to the letting. Unconsumed liquor, bottles, cases, glasses and similar articles must be removed from the premises immediately after the function has ended.

6.5 All associated costs are the responsibility of the Hirer.


7.1 There is a strict NO SMOKING policy on and around the school site and in the school building.


8.1 No animals will be allowed on the school-site or in the school building except with prior permission (e.g. guide-dogs will be allowed but suitable arrangements need to be made in advance). This is purely on grounds of hygiene.


9.1 Hirers should be aware that

  • the School only has a limited supply (currently 60) of adult-sized chairs
  • the School possesses a small changing room and has shower facilities for the disabled, there is a toilet in the school waiting area for general (men / women) and disabled use
  • the School only has zoned heating in the hall
  • class rooms, corridors and the hall often have displays, equipment and pupils’ exhibition work on general display