School Policies and Procedures

Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy

Fairfield Park Lower School opened September 2007. It is a two-form entry school and in it's first few years had a phased entry to allow the catchment to grow. It is situated in a new housing development where the houses and the school fit a Victorian theme and are near a graded 2-listed building of a Victorian Hospital. It is situated near the town of Stotfold and near the London A1 M motorway. It is on the Bed/Herts border and families in the catchment can access the 2 tier and the 3 tier system.

The full anti-bullying policy is available to download as a PDF here.


Behaviour Policy

"Good behaviour is a necessary condition for effective teaching to take place."  (The Elton Report of 1989)

The Governing Body accepts this principle and seeks to create an environment in the school, which encourages and reinforces good behaviour. Furthermore, it is acknowledged that society expects good behaviour as an important outcome of the educational process.

The full behaviour policy is available to download as a PDF here.


Charging and Remission Policy Statement

 The Governing Body of Fairfield Park Lower School recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including trips, clubs and residential experiences can make towards pupils' education.

The Governing Body aims to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the pupils of the school and as additional optional activities.

The full charging & remission policy is available to download as a PDF here.


Fairfield Park Lower School Policy for Resolving Complaints

At Fairfield Park Lower School, we undertake to provide a friendly and safe environment in which pupils will be helped to achieve their potential, both academically and socially.

We believe that a close partnership between the school, parents and pupils is essential to ensure pupil progress and well being. In support of this, parents are invited to enter a Home-School Agreement. This agreement sets out the school’s aims and values, as well as the responsibilities of the school and parents, and our expectations of pupils.

Through our programme of meetings between parents and teachers, as well as through informal contact, we provide opportunities for parents to raise matters of concern – about the curriculum or more general issues.

From time to time parents may naturally have concerns about an aspect of their child’s education. Often those concerns will resolve themselves, but on occasions parents may feel that the issue will need the School’s help to be resolved.

The full complaints policy is available to download as a PDF here.


Health & Safety Policy

The Governors and Head teacher are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment and to providing safe equipment and procedures for all staff, pupils and visitors involved in school activities.  They recognise also their responsibility to consider health and safety of contractors and any other person whose health or safety may be affected by school activities.

The internal procedures of the school have been designed to cause minimal disruption to all concerned and rely heavily on the goodwill and clear thinking of all who work here.

In the main the procedure for reporting problems is the same whether it be for accidents, faulty buildings, furniture and equipment or indeed unforeseen problems.

The full Health & Safety policy is available to download as a PDF here.


Policy for Special Educational Needs

The Staff of Fairfield Park Lower School have a shared responsibility for identifying and assessing the needs of all pupils to ensure they reach their full potential, by making adequate and appropriate provision.  This is demonstrated through our School Development Plan.  Teachers make provision, where necessary, to support individuals or groups of children to enable them to participate effectively in curriculum and assessment activities.

Children may have special educational needs either throughout, or at any time during, their school career.  This policy ensures that provision is made for children with special educational needs takes account of the type and extent of the difficulty experienced by the child.

The full S.E.N. policy is available to download as a PDF here.


Exclusion Policy


We believe that exclusion of a pupil from school is a serious matter and that it is a final step only to be taken if all other strategies have failed.   We cannot imagine that exclusion would take place for any reason other than extreme aggression or disruption that leads to concern for the safety and well being of pupils and or staff.   The governors are aware that well-being covers the educational as well as the emotional and physical welfare of children witnessing and affected by such extreme behaviour.


In the case of a pupil exclusion the school follows the procedure as outlined in Central Bedfordshire Council’s Circular.

British Values Policy

From September 2014, all schools are required by the DfE to actively promote fundamental British values as part of their own broad and balanced curriculum. These values are to be promoted alongside the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all pupils.

The full British Values policy is available to download as a PDF here.

E-Safety Policy Statement

This policy has been prepared by the e-safety co-ordinator and has been agreed by the Headteacher and Governing Body

The policy statement is available to download here.