The curriculum

Our school curriculum is designed to give the pupils wide learning opportunities and it is based on a thematic and a cross curriculum approach. Learning is done broadly through children’s interests and is related to real life experiences; the children are involved in the planning approach and a brainstorming activity is completed on every theme and mapped into learning facts. We passionately believe that our children will learn more successfully through engaging and purposeful activities. There is a balance with key skills such as literacy, numeracy and IT enriching topic themes.

Our curriculum is flexible enough to respond to the need for change and to help pupils acquire the necessary knowledge and life skills. Staff cater for individual needs and offer experiences to stimulate motivate and foster good attitudes to learning. Successful learners are encouraged to be independent and have good dispositions and attitudes, thus a good work ethic at Fairfield Park and in later years.  All pupils are challenged and supported, including the more and less able children. Staff are very skilled at ensuring all pupils are identified and needs are addressed through the ‘closing the gap’ agenda. The leadership team and governors have invested highly in high staff ratios in and out of the class to support Inclusion and Success for ALL.

The Parents Complete Guide document is available for download as a PDF here.